Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chapter Twelve: Coral runs up to me and we teleport back to the world where many people are up in arms

I was sitting on a bench again in the waiting station area seriously wondering what in the world to do next when Coral came running up to me.  She held out her hand to me,"Grab hold of my hand.  I want you to see what is happening in some of the biggest cities since you left the earth!"
I grabbed hold of her hand wondering what she was talking about and the next thing I knew found myself in one of the world's largest cities in the United States where a huge crowd of people had gathered.  They were shouting and uniformed officers were arresting people.
"Coral!  What has happened?  Quick! You have to explain it to me."
"People are calling for revolution in many cities all over the world."
"Oh, there were some protests before I left the earth, but I did not think they would accelerate to huge crowds like this."
"Other cities are staging protests, too," said Coral.  "Come over here a little out of the way.  We will sit on the grass and watch and listen."
A very articulate man got up with a loud speaker and began to address the crowd.  I thought he was saying some true things about the huge gap that had opened up even in recent years between the very rich and the very poor.
"What do you think, Shadow?" Coral affectionately called me by my childhood nickname.  All my sisters started calling me Shadow instead of rather strange name of Shadra that was my given name.  I rather wished Mother would have had the nerve to name me Shadow in the first place, but she probably thought people would laugh at her for naming her first born some romantic name that wasn't a proper girl's name at all.  But then neither was Shadra.
"I told you, Coral, the media thinks like one person, I have been told in the persona of a very rich man who realized that if he controlled a number of the newspapers, he could in effect control all of them through how newspapers are so interlinked now days.  So the same opinions were published in a number of the big city newspapers as well as in the big city where I did most of my abortion protesting to the media.  The rich man is pro abortion because he is probably very big on population control and thinks we need abortion to keep the birthrates down.  He would not care if these were babies already created and growing big and strong that were killed as long as they were gone.
The more the newspapers turned people off with the abortion propaganda they were printing, and sales dropped, the more the staff members were afraid of losing their jobs.  They were being programmed to support the liberal bias that favors abortion rights.  Soon no opposing opinions were going to get printed.
I would say that the violence required in the abortion solution has contributed to making our world more unsafe.  It has lowered the standards that people have worked so hard to maintain.  Legalized abortion wiped out a lot of humane feelings about impaired babies and so on.  But nobody was allowed to express an opposing opinion eventually.  I would say that taking people back to a darker age of violence is what it has accomplished, which this powerful man or men who are responsible don't seem to care a fig about.
Which is why this protest movement strikes me as entirely appropriate for what has been going on in this country for the last forty years. I would say if people are beginning to realize that we no longer have a free press which we once believed we did have, at least a lot more so than we do now, they are right to work up a full head of steam about it and start thinking of ways they can protest.
We have never had such a shackled press, which is what you get with a liberal bias.  The man or men responsible for this have simply tried to stifle all pro life thinking to non existence.  There is a big difference between pro death and pro life, a big difference in emphasis and results.  And if people aren't thinking as deeply as they should be, they buy the philosophy of violence and spread the word further themselves.  It is very discouraging."
Coral and I sat awhile and listened to the people speak.  I felt very sad that the world had come to this, but conditions had been bad for a long time I thought and apparently so had a bunch of other people thought so too.  They were there supporting their different causes, jobs, wages, taxes, housing, unemployment, homelessness, etc.  But people seemed to take some comfort from getting together in such a large group and protesting.
Coral beckoned to me.  I saw that the sun was starting to go down.  "Do you want to just camp out on the lawn," she said.  "I don't know if all the people will disperse very soon or not.  They may still be here in the morning."
"Do you have to get back to your job?"
"Part of my job now days is taking you places I think you should see.  You probably forgot all about earth after you left it and forgot to check to see what is going on here.  I always check every morning, as there may be something that will require a trip for me to look at up close."
"I am a lot closer now to this protest than I would have been before I left the earth.  I would have had to watch it on television.  But now I get to see it in person.  Of course I was an old lady and would have just gotten in the way had I tried to attend a protest.  I would have had to take my walker.  Now I can just fly through the air like you do, although I could not do what you do by myself. I would have to take a plane."
Coral laughed uproariously.  "You have no idea how many spirits ask to take planes when they first try to travel around.  They just don't believe they can ever get the hang of teleporting.  They say they don't even know what that is or have never heard of it before. I say how much do you think you weigh in your spirit form, probably no more than an eagle's feather!"
"You do need a good guide," I said, "when you go to the hereafter.  It feels like you still have a body even if you don't.  Traveling so light takes a while to get used to."
"I wanted you to see that we still have the same problems in the hereafter to see about as people do on earth.  All of our activities are linked.  It is disconcerting to many to meet up with the people they have dispatched to kingdom come, but we all know that is going to happen, that something inside of us does not die.  I am not saying that this something can never be killed, but it would take a lot of doing.  The spirit form is extremely strong.  So even though people have got a good idea of what is going to happen when they die, they are still surprised when they find themselves in a hereafter.  Even though everyone has heard about a hereafter.  They can't say they were not warned.
The one thing people can't bring with them is money and the power that gives them on earth.  They know that is going to happen but many do not want to think about it.  Or deal with that day of reckoning.  If the revolution does not come to earth it comes when people reach heaven and are stripped of everything they own right down to the spirit, so if they have not lived in ways that will make their spirits strong they are in helpless condition, shorn of the only power they valued, as any dictator feels who has been booted out of office in a revolution.
Some spirits stand up and come into heaven as presences who can be greeted with joy for the good things they have done with their lives.  There is no mistaking the power of their spirits.  So come along, Shadow, you have done all right in your sojourn upon the earth.  It is time for us to go back and meet with the council of elders who will give you good advice about what you might want to do next."

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