Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chapter Thirteen: I found myself dreading my meeting with the Council of the Elders

Coral said she was going to take me to a meeting with the Council of the Elders and in spite of myself I began to shudder at the very thought.  Why?  I don't know.  Maybe I no longer trusted a council of elderly people.  I guess I had heard of too many august groups of elderly people on earth who had meetings and ended up serving their own purposes more than they did others.  There were boards on corporations. It seemed as though they had been coming up with more bad news than good for the people in their meetings.
Congress consisted of many senior congress members, and the news that had been coming out of many of their meetings had not appeared to be that good either.  We were constantly having to come to some dismaying conclusion about what happened to our elected politicians who got strong armed by their seniors in command and could not help but become ineffectual in the same way.
So what would I do if I detected similar signs of corruption in the Council of the Elders in the hereafter?  I would no longer believe integrity was possible in heaven either. I just did not want to risk being disillusioned, but Coral took me to the meeting without me ever saying anything to her about my doubts and misgivings.  They told her to stay, and I sat down surrounded by both older men and women.
A woman spoke to me first, "Just relax.  We are men and women who have lived on the earth. We serve on the Council of the Elders as volunteers.  There is always a council for people to meet with if they choose.  Your sister requested a meeting with the Council of the Elders for you.  So why do you think she did that?"
"I don't really know," I said.  "I supposed it was so I could talk about my ideas about what has been happening on the earth during my last forty years that I have worried a great deal about."
"Was that the reason you requested a meeting, Coral?"asked the woman.
"I just felt it was time she met with the Elders," said Coral, "because she is having trouble deciding where to go and what to do in the hereafter.  I thought the elders could give her some ideas about what they think people should do, once they arrive here as she did in her declining years after many years of close observation of her fellow men."
"I have been to the Camp of the Resisters since I arrived here," I said, "but most disturbing of all was my visit to the Children's Paradise. There were so many children there. I knew there were a lot of children being sent over here, but I was almost overwhelmed by the numbers here."
"Yes," said the woman.  "So what are your thoughts now?"
"I don't know," I said.  "I saw many beautiful children in a Paradise that seemed to go on forever. And I think I am just going to have to think about that a while. Coral has been talking to me many years about the problem. She kept me protesting when I really wanted to quit and forget the whole thing, but she wouldn't let me."
"How did she communicate with you?"
"Through dreams.  I am a medium of sorts.  My sisters all receive messages in dreams, some more than others, from the spirits who have gone on.  I would always pray to a higher power every morning to see if there was important work I should be doing.  I have been getting the message for many years that too many children were being killed and this was what I needed to work on."
"How did you work on the problem?" asked one of the men on the council.
"Various ways, but most of my work was done through protest letters.  But first I would have what I call spirit talks.  I would write down the messages I would get directly from the spirits, from Coral a lot of the time, but from others, too.  And I would send the messages in my protest letters.  There was a lot of tedious work involved but I thought and thought about what else I could do, and that kind of protesting seemed to be what I could do best."
"She is a writing animal," said Coral.  "I knew that before I passed.  I was communicating with her about other matters, too, but in later years it has been mostly about all the children dying."
"Well," said the woman.  "Sounds like you have been working hard, but now you are here, perhaps you should think about connecting up to others back on earth who might receive your messages and tell them how it is here.  You could join your sister Coral in trying to reach people on earth every way you can with a message."
"I could do that," I said.  "I was thinking I didn't know how I could be effective here."
"Looks like you would know how to be very effective by having experienced this partnership with your sister while she was in spirit form and you were in your body.  Perhaps you just need to wait until you think you can get through to someone else on earth."
"I have a daughter named Vivienne who I hoped would carry on my work. There are others.  I am sure I will be able to reach her eventually with a message.  She already receives dreams.  A number of the nieces and nephews in the family have psychic dreams.  All of my children are somewhat clairvoyant."
"Whatever works," said the woman. "Is there anything else we can help you with?"
"I guess I just needed a little nudge in the direction I should go.  Coral and I probably need to take a trip back to earth and visit my children.  That will probably be the first step we should take in setting up a stronger communication."
The older woman nodded gravely.
"Thank you," I said.  Coral and I left the presences of the elders.  We decided we would visit my daughter Vivienne and Tangier, my second son, the next day.  We both started to feel there was no time to waste.  We needed to start up again on the job we had been doing together for years as soon as possible, but I knew that in order to do that, now that I was in the hereafter, we would have to make some stronger connections to people on earth, and my two children I thought would be most likely to pick up on a call from both of our spirits. They had even had dreams about Coral, too, after they had been hearing my claims of being in communication with her for years.  And she had passed long before they were born! Such was the the effect of the power of suggestion on the human mind.

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