Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter Fourteen: I am intimidated by thoughts of visiting my own kids now I am a spirit

You would not think a spirit could be intimidated when it came to returning to earth to try to make contact with her still living kids but I was suddenly hesitant.
"I don't know whether I should try to visit Vivienne yet," I told Coral.
"For heaven's sakes, why not?" asked Coral.
"Well, she knows how flaky I am and she would be on guard against recognizing me too soon in the spirit form.  She didn't even read my blog when I was alive, so now I am sure she expects me to depart and rest in peace for at least a little while."
"She doesn't believe in a hereafter?"
"Of course she does, but she wouldn't be expecting me to try to engage her in paranormal activity this soon I am sure."
Coral practically stopped in mid flight.  I noticed we were hovering over a freeway probably very close to the area where Vivienne lived.  "There she is," Coral said, pointing to a car I would never have recognized as my daughter's.  "She's on her way home from work."
"Maybe we could just follow her home," I said, "and wait around for a while."
Sure enough, the car turned off at Vivienne's exit.  When she eventually turned into her driveway, Coral and I popped into her back yard and sat on some lovely lawn furniture she and her husband had just purchased.  This house was new to them, and they had been having a lot of fun buying items they needed particularly for this house.
The sun started to go down and eventually it was quite dark.  We sat out there until the lights went out in the house, around eight o'clock. Vivienne and my grandson Darryl, fourteen, her only child still at home, were going to bed!  Oh dear, how would I be able to attract her attention now, in her dreams? Vivienne had been telling me her job was causing her fatigue problems.  Even when she went to bed early she often woke up still tired.  She was wondering if she was prone to chronic fatigue problems as I had.  I hoped not!
Around nine my son-in-law David came in from the airport.  He had been on a trip abroad.  I was glad to see he had returned home safely.  He grabbed a bite to eat and went to bed, too.
"Now what?" said Coral.
"I don't think we should enter her home," I said.  "She is entitled to her privacy. I know she needs her rest."
"All right," said Coral.  "How about dropping by Tangier's then?"
"Oh Tangier, don't you think it is a little late for us to be out and about, although he is apt to be up late, writing."
"Don't you think we should at least get a little closer to him now that we are here?"
Reluctantly I agreed and the next thing I knew we had landed in the back yard where Tangier was staying with his brother, my other son, Rafe.  Tangier's dog Jilly, actually barked at us!
I was thrilled.  "Jilly knows spirits are here," I whispered.  "Isn't she a smart dog?"
"Amazing," said Coral dryly, "but you surely don't expect Jilly to tell Tangier we are here, do you?"
"He will wonder why Jilly barked," I said.
Sure enough Tangier appear in the door in the backyard and called out, "Jilly, who is there?  Why did you bark?"  Jilly ran over to him and then she turned and amazingly barked again, looking right at us!
"I don't see anybody," said Tangier, soothingly.  He sat down in a chair close to the swimming pool with Jilly beside him.  Jilly looked in our direction one more time and gave a little woof.
I was really spooked.  I told Coral I wanted to get out of there right now.  It was unnerving to have our presences detected by a dog.  Tangier had kept telling me what a wonderful dog Jilly was, but she made a believer out of me that night.

The next morning we were outside Vivienne's again as Coral said we should check her out and see if she had gotten wind of our visit somehow.
Vivienne came out of the bedroom yawning and told her husband David, "I had a dream last night that Mom and Aunt Coral were here." I nearly fell over.  I just did not expect Vivienne to pick up on our presences like that.
"Oh yes," said David who always tried to act very casual when Vivienne had dreams about spirits visiting her.
"I think she is trying to let me know she arrived safely in the hereafter and she is all right," said Vivienne. After a moment, she said, "But I am worried.  I think she and Aunt Coral are trying to tell me something. They wouldn't come all the way back here just to say Mom is all right.  I know she wants something from me."
"Oh," said David.  "What on earth could she want?"
"I am helping with the babies as much as I can.  I have a job helping mothers having babies who are at risk.  What more can I do?"
"Nothing!" said David firmly.  He was very supportive of Vivienne's nursing jobs and certainly would not have approved of me coming back to try to burden her more.
Just then my grandson Darryl came into the room, yawning, "Mom, it's Saturday.  What are you guys doing up so early?  I thought we would all sleep in."
"I dreamed about your grandma last night," said Vivienne.  "She was right out there by the swimming pool with your Aunt Coral.  I didn't know Aunt Coral, but if a woman was with her I knew it had to be Aunt Coral.  She was always talking about her relationship with Aunt Coral.  All the sisters kept Aunt Coral alive.  I'd be surprised when I'd see a photo of the five of them that Aunt Coral didn't show up on the picture."
"I miss Grandma," said Darryl.  "She was a good grandma."
"I am very sorry I didn't let you visit her more than I did," said Vivienne, "but your grandma was always worried about the traffic.  She would say, 'Oh don't bring Darryl down in the midst of all that traffic.  It is too dangerous.'  She just wanted you to stay home and be safe. Just imagine, now she has come from the hereafter, her and my Aunt Coral, and I can see her in my dreams easier than I could when she was on earth.  She didn't want me to bring her out to visit very often either, as she said I had to travel back and forth in the traffic too long as it was, going to work.  I was talking to her on my cell phone at an intersection when that car hit me so hard my back hurt for months."
"She probably thought I was safer flying all over the world in an airplane, than I was going to work every morning in all that traffic," said David.
I felt quite stunned to find out that Vivienne had picked up on Coral and me sitting out in her backyard.  I decided we had accomplished about all we could in one visit.  Vivienne was conscious of spirit presences even more than I expected her to be.  If she and Tangier happened to talk, Tangier would find out that she dreamed Coral and I visited her the same night Jilly barked at the shadows where we were standing when we stopped to see Tangier.  Tangier would never believe Jilly had sensed our spirits, otherwise.  She knew me.  Every time she saw me she seemed to recognize me as a close relative of Tangier's.  She would lick my hand in a sweet way.
Once when Tangier was very bad off and Jilly was obviously worried about him, Tangier shed a few tears while he was talking to me.  Jilly went crazy.  She licked his hand frantically.  And even gave me a few frantic licks as though to say, "Tangier is crying!  Oh my god, what is going to happen now?"
I wouldn't have believed a dog could be so observant and so caring if I had not seen it.  Now I had witnessed another miracle.  Jilly could see spirits!  Well, I don't know if she actually saw us but she sensed we were there.
Coral said she had to get back to her kids so we decided to settle for what had happened so far on our trip back to try to connect to my daughter and son.  I was very satisfied with our trip, in fact.  I don't know about Coral.

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