Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chapter Fifteen: Valentine and Tyrone hook up on Facebook to talk about my visit from the hereafter

Cora was the one who told me the next day to check out Facebook and I would be surprised. I asked 
her how you did that as a spirit and she said oh it is easy, you just find someone's computer and do your thing. So I went to the public library which was close to where I lived, before it opened, and checked out the Internet on one of their computers. Coral probably could have used it when someone else was, but I did not want to confuse myself.
I found out my password still worked and my account was still on there just as though I had never died.  I guess my kids had not got around to deleting me yet. I decided to try Vivienne's profile first.  She was on Facebook under the name of Valentine in order to protect her privacy and that of her family's. Vivienne was always afraid of things like identity theft and had rebuked me in the past for putting something on Facebook she thought might be dangerous.
Sure enough she had written an item about her dream.  She wrote,"I dreamed about Mom and Aunt Coral last night (I never met Aunt Coral but I know this woman was her, she had a family resemblance and besides that her hair was a beautiful red, not exactly coral, but close to it).  They were out in my backyard by our swimming pool sitting in two new lawn chairs my husband and I just bought.  I don't know why they were sitting there.  Maybe they weren't sure I would welcome a couple of visiting spirits into the house.  I admit I would probably have hesitated.  Although Mom was cremated after she gave her body to science, she still had the look of death on her face.  I still haven't got over this visitation.  Help, anybody?"
Down below it was a comment from Tyrone (my son Tangier, he had explained to me once that he did not hold me naming him such a weird name as Tangier against me, in fact he rather liked it, but he had to answer too many questions about his name so to simplify his life he simply changed his first name to Tyrone, but since the family had called him Tangier for years, his was not the only strange name in the family, we went on calling him Tangier)
"Hi, Sis.  What night did you dream that Mom and Aunt Coral were out in your backyard by your swimming pool?"
"Night before last," came from Valentine (Vivienne).
Tyrone replied, "I can't believe this.  That same night I had let Jilly out back as she was scratching at the door like she needed to go out there.  When I heard her barking I was puzzled, so I went to the door and called her.  She came up to me, but she looked intently out in the shadows by the swimming pool and barked again, like she was seeing somebody!  I told her there was nobody there, so she laid down by me, I thought, acting a little bit strange. She looked out there again and gave a little woof.  It is hard to describe this woof, but now that I have read about your experience, I believe that Jilly, my dog, saw Mom and Aunt Coral out by Rafe's swimming pool, too!  What is this about spirits landing in our back yards?"
Valentine wrote back, "I am afraid that I was not comforted by your post. In fact, it gave me the jitters."
'I am now looking at my dog so to speak with new eyes.  What if she is a psychic dog? What are you supposed to do with a dog that sees spirits?"
Valentine wrote, "Our dog Jules did not even bark. But he was inside so that probably explains that. But would you have known your dog was seeing a spirit if you had not read about my dream?"
"No!" wrote Tyrone, "So I don't really know how Jilly will be able to help carrying messages from Mom to me.  It is only by chance that I was your post about your dream and put 2 and 2 together, but I guess that is how you prove the spirits have visited, with strange little coincidences like this."
"I guess so," said Valentine, not sounding the least bit impressed, but maybe she was jealous of Tyrone having a psychic dog.  Or thinking he did.
I did not know what to think of all this.
"Welcome to the world of spirit communication," said Coral. "Did you think it would be easy?  I am excited.  I think you are getting a pretty fast confirmation that your visit has registered on your kids' consciousness.  Remember that wolf that wanted to communicate with the young girl back to Recovery Ranch?  Animals can be very psychic, too, just like humans."
"I know they are, " I said.  "I once owned a white dog that looked like she was part husky and part Samoyed but she wasn't very smart, and kept chasing everyone's chickens.  Well, come to think of it, she was actually Tangier's dog, or I mean Tyrone's, so this is not the first time he has owned a dog with psychic connections.  I was half asleep one morning and a big German shepherd spirit dog came into my bedroom and walked up to my bed and looked at me.  I knew it was a spirit dog, but I couldn't imagine why a spirit dog was paying me a visit.  Several days I found out.  Snow (Tyrone's or Tangier's dog's name) ran away from home taking Deanna's dog with her and ended up in a rancher's field chasing some sheep.  He shot Snow three times.  He must have been an awfully good shot because every bullet went into her legs.  One leg was shot off at the first joint, so I asked a visiting doctor to sew it up.  He told me what to do to save her from any infection that might develop from the other wounds, and she was a better dog from then on with just three legs than she was with four. Up until then she was in dire danger of being shot when she ran off, as she was always doing."
"I am not surprised.  A spirit dog was warning you of danger to Snow. I have always known that animals are psychic just like humans are.  Maybe even more so at times."
"So with Tangier's psychic dog's help we have made contact on earth.  With such an unusual pick up, I am sure they will probably be looking forward to our next visit, don't you think?" I said.
"Right," said Coral.

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