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Chapter Twenty Six: Sister Coral takes me to a play about a Republican candidate debate on the subject of legalized abortion

Naturally Cora would be alert to any activity pertaining to legalized abortion on earth.  She had been coming to me for years to encourage me to keep protesting.  When she arrived she asked me if I had heard what Herman Cain said on Meet the Press on his views about abortion.  I apologized for being inattentive to everything that was said about the issue, even though I had been trying to keep track of every single reference to the subject in the press since the campaign activity had begun.  I had even been watching the Jon Stewart show on a regular basis just so I could keep track of what a popular liberal comic was saying about the Republican debates.  Earth's TV was beamed in everywhere.  People in Red River apparently loved Jon Stewart so I was able to see shows like his wherever I went.
It turned out that this Republican candidate debate play that Coral was taking me to was not on earth at all, but in the hereafter.  It was connected to Children's Paradise activities.
She said that a group of pro life activists had become very disappointed for fear the subject would not be debated adequately at all by any candidates on earth, so were staging an imaginary debate play that she knew I would want to see.
As we rushed to the hall connected to the Children's Paradise where the debate play was being staged, Coral talked fast and furious.
"Herman Cain on earth said on national TV that abortion centers were targeting the black population in particular.  Abortion advocates wanted to kill as many black children as possible!  When it was pointed out that many black children were born into terrible conditions.  He said he knew they were but that was better than murder!"
I was shocked at how many people were flowing into the hall and they all seemed to be talking fast and furious as they seated themselves, blacks, Hispanics, whites, Indians.  Coral found a seat for us and just in time.  The curtains opened to reveal a row of candidates in front of their podiums.  Just as in the political debates held on earth there were people in front moderating and asking questions.  I was to understand that this debate was fictional, purely imaginary!  Some of the candidates seemed to resemble people on earth.  Well, I had to be quiet as the play began to unfold.

MODERATOR:  As you know legalized abortion has been a hotly debated issue on earth for a long time, but when the political candidates begin to emerge, sadly the issue is usually shifted to a back burner and no moderator ever brings it up.  We are seeking to change that lack today by having a debate that will address the legalized abortion issue in all its complexities. The candidates here have agreed to debate this issue only in today's presentation.  So let us begin.  Herman Cain, you are one of the few Republican candidates who has gone on National TV to talk about this issue, so to honor you, we are going to give you the first chance to speak.
HERMAN CAIN:  I am not afraid to talk about this issue.  I will talk about it every chance I am given.  Because I believe that with this issue, we have got the opposing party on the ropes.  Which is why we hardly ever get asked about our views on legalized abortion.  Liberal democrats know that the issue of legalized abortion may do them in.
MODERATOR: And why is that?
HERMAN CAIN:  Because there are millions of little souls in heaven who have been sent there by legalized abortion that they can't talk about.  Democrats do not believe in this kind of heaven.  A lot of them, I am sorry to say, do not even believe in God.
MODERATOR: Ann Coulter, could we have your response to Herman Cain.
ANN COULTER:  I am a late comer to the scene.  Why they left me out I don't know.  But after seeing Candidate Michelle Bachman losing it on national TV, I decided I had to make a run.  Nobody may support me, but I am here today because I wanted to have my say about legalized abortion.
MODERATOR:  Good for you, Ann Coulter.  So why don't you think you will get any support?
ANN COULTER:  I am too beautiful and too mean.  I have just said too many mean things and ruined my chances of running for president.  Nobody will support my candidacy.  
MODERATOR:  That is why we invited you, Ann Coulter, as we did not think a debate on legalized abortion by Republican voices would be complete without Ann Coulter.  We are prepared to put up with your meanness for a day if it you have some insights to offer.
ANN COULTER:  Abortion is mean, wouldn't you say?  This is war on the unborn, so it sometimes takes a mean person to deal with that concept adequately.  I have been told by my spirit mentors that heaven is full of millions of the unborn who have been sent to their deaths in legalized abortion. The problem is that not enough people on earth have thought sufficiently about the afterlife to realize that you cannot just kill an unborn child and forget about it.  This unborn child is going to show up in the hereafter, so all the mother has done is shift the problem to the hereafter for other people to take care of and raise.  I would say most people believe that any child who dies young is going to be raised in heaven by the angels or family members who have passed and are trusted enough to do the job.  We have begged mothers who are having a child they don't believe they can take of to just carry it to term and give it up for adoption if nothing else.  Just don't kill it.
MODERATOR: We have taken note that the earth believes that it now houses 7 billion people and don't you think that many already think that that is a few too many?
ANN COULTER:  Do we ever say that the hereafter can't hold all the children that are being sent there?  I would say that legalized abortion has surely caused one of the biggest crises ever experienced in the hereafter with millions of children flowing in from every so called civilized country on earth.  The hereafter has to take care of these children somehow because they can't send them back.  There is no reprieve for these children. So what about overpopulating the hereafter?
MAN IN AUDIENCE:  I say that the facilities in the Children's Paradise have become overcrowded, but we are expected to provide for more and more.  Reincarnation has been set back many years because so many hands are needed to take care of all these children already created with no where to go and no one to look after them.  These children are growing up and are in turn being recruited to take care of more children.  They want to do it.  They want to help with the problem any way they can!
ANN COULTER:  I rest my case.  Many of the previous activities in the hereafter have had to be set aside to take care of these children.
(Just then I was utterly shocked to see two women stand up in the audience and when the moderator asked them to identify themselves, this is what they said.)
CORAL: Our names are Coral and Shadra.  We are sisters who have been fighting legalized abortion for forty years, only Shadra, my sister, has been on earth, and I have been in the hereafter working in the Children's Paradise!
(Then a woman representing me spoke.  I looked at Coral, still utterly shocked. She laughed and said, I have been working on this play.  I helped write it)
SHADRA:  I am Coral's sister Shadra.  Coral would not let me rest.  She kept urging me every day to get the word out that legalized abortion was wrong.  She and I formed a partnership, she in the hereafter and I on earth, to work together for this cause.  I have now passed into the hereafter.  Coral took me first thing to see the Children's Paradise where I wept to see literally hundreds of children being cared for by angel helpers. After seeing them I went with my sister Coral back to earth to see if I could find someone to take my place there to work on the cause.
MODERATOR: Did you find anyone? 
SHADRA:  I am trying to recruit my daughter who seems to be a likely possibility.
MODERATOR:  Good.  Now I find that the rest of you Republican candidates have been strangely silent on the subject of legalized abortion. You are very important people, but we find that a very small number are being vocal about the subject of legalized abortion.
ANN COULTER:  I will tackle any subject, however difficult or unpleasant.  That is why I am not running.  Even many Republicans reject me.  They don't think I could possibly win.  I am too mean.
MODERATOR:  If we can't get any of the other candidates to speak on this subject, what does the audience think we should do?  All of these gentlemen and one lady seem very reluctant to express their opinions on this subject. (The candidates look uncomfortable but nobody says anything) Ann Coulter is not even a candidate and it is agreed is very mean and she is the only one besides Herman Cain who seems to have anything to say.
(Audience mumbles things like, 'a shame')
WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE:  We are all workers and volunteers in the Children's Paradise.  We have plenty to say.  Why don't you turn the time over to us?
MODERATOR:  We did not think we could actually emphasize to you how little the subject is being debated by the Republican candidates unless we got them all up here and then realized they have had next to nothing to say on the subject, and that would include Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, etc. etc.  (Each candidate acknowledges his introduction) As for the lady in the audience, the problem is emanating from the earth, which is why we are trying so hard to get earth people to address it.  They are the only ones who can stop it.  What good does it do if what we say does not penetrate to earth?
WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE:  We know nothing is penetrating to earth.  I am so disappointed in this play.
MODERATOR:  I am very disappointed in it, too.  I am very disappointed because so few important politicians on earth are willing to speak out loudly and clearly and often on this subject.  We can only hope that things will improve.  You can go home now.
WOMAN IN AUDIENCE:  What!  You have got us all together and now you are a no show.
MODERATOR:  No, the people who are not willing to speak on this subject are a no show.  We have these figures here on stage representing the Republican candidates, but we have asked them to limit what they say strictly to the abortion issue.  As you can see they are mostly all silent on this subject.  They are not eager to address it.  In fact they don't want to address it at all.
WOMAN:  I thought the Republicans were our only hope for some relief.  If they are not going to address the subject, what hope is there in that?
MODERATOR:  Probably not any.  I know you workers are all very disappointed.  I know you were hoping for more, but if the Republican candidates don't address the subject because they think the people don't want to hear about it, we have to acknowledge that fact, too. 
WOMAN:  We just as well go back to taking care of the kids.  And give up on this years' crop of Republican candidates.
MODERATOR:  It is not our fault that the Republicans will not live up to hype and show their pro life strength.  I am very sorry.  I am just as disappointed as you are.....

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