Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chapter Thirty Eight: Coral makes a sudden detour to my sister Deborah's house

Coral stood up as though she was ready to go to my sister Deana's house when she said she had an urgent feeling we must go at once to my sister Deborah's house, which was in Utah, far away from the exotic city of San Francisco.  I was so alarmed by her purposeful change of plans I went along without saying anything.  Besides a trip to Coral was nothing but a hop, skip, and a jump so I knew she thought we could always go back to Deana's later.
Finally I said, "What is wrong with Deborah?"
The only thing I could think of that would cause Coral to make this determined side journey was Deborah was in imminent danger of dying.
"Deborah is not dying," said Coral, "but she could if she doesn't change her ways."
"Do you think we are going to be able to get her to change?" I said doubtfully.  "Besides Deborah is practically perfect.  She has done so little wrong in her life it makes me tired to think about it."
"Those are the kind who can die when they least expect it," said Coral.  "Because they don't look after their own needs well enough."
I knew that Deborah's husband had been having many medical problems lately.  Yes, they could put Deborah in danger, too, I was aware.  Her health was rather fragile too, although you would not have known from the amount of work she managed to get done, of all sorts. It was always dangerous to be a caretaker.  I had been one myself for my former companion before Terrance and nearly lost my life as a result.  I just was not expecting a long painful siege of cancer especially when dear heart refused to go to the doctor and did not know that was what he had.  But he assured me that he had lived in pain all his life and this was no different.  He finally started agreeing to make doctor appointments, but before he would go he would cancel.  As a result he did not know he had cancer until just days before he died.
He appeared to be as shocked as I was that the hospital suggested he sign up for hospice immediately.  He refused, but he had no more got home than another terrible pain hit him late at night and he told me to call hospice he was finally ready to accept the fact that he was dying.
Could Deborah be that close to death without realizing it?
"No, no," said Coral, reading my mind.  "I have just found out if I feel an urgency to see a sister I better do it.  I better get there and do a hands on intervention."
I was very curious about the wording Coral was using.  A spirit doing a hands on intervention?  Is that what Coral had been doing all these years.
 As soon as we walked into Deborah's Coral with a determined look in her eyes took Deborah by the arm and sat her down in a chair.  "Now you rest!" she said firmly.
"Deborah doesn't know she is tired any more," Coral told me, "so when she goes to extremes I have learned to just walk in and sit her down.  She seems to get my message. Sometimes she will even sigh and say, I didn't know I was so tired."
I was quite fascinated by how Coral helped her sisters in a crisis.  "Otherwise she will work til she drops," Coral went on.  "Some people just don't know when to quit!"
 I figured Deborah must have gotten too tired with all her Thanksgiving activities with her family.  I thought it was really quite admirable of Coral to rush to her side clear from San Francisco to sit her down in a chair, but if Deborah was receiving this intervention from a spirit, she must have felt delightfully soothed and rejuvenated after a few hours. 
Coral then went straight out the door. "Some people just have too much git up and go," she said.  "Now I am ready to go back to San Francisco.  Are you?"
This was a new side of Coral I had never seen before, the healer.  But it seemed very effective, as before we left I peeked in and Deborah was sleeping peacefully in her chair.
Coral said, "I must have given you a start, but I did not want Deborah to get into any serious trouble. She's got a ways to go helping Marv through his ordeals.  She might even have a few ordeals of her own before she is ready to join us on the other side."
In a few minutes we were back in San Francisco ready to visit our sister Deana once again.  I was almost disoriented, Coral flew across the country so fast.  All she had to do is think of a place and almost instantaneously she was there.  It took her longer to help me get there along with her, as my thinking was not lightning fast like hers.  But I laughed to think about how fast I had been able to travel when I thought Deborah was in danger.

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